The Pescara Academy of Arts, through its well-established and recognized training activity for young talents, intends to bring young people closer to the art of Dance and Music and offer them new ways to approach and learn about the great tradition of the Opera Italian, our cultural heritage to be valued and handed down. Hundreds of young people are trained and trained in the ordinary courses and specialized laboratories of our academy: a tireless work that results in a strong attention to the arts, to the Theater for the creation of a new audience and for the development of musical culture and training of future professionals.

The performances produced by the Academy of Arts are realized under the masterly artistic direction of the Master Antonio Cericola with the collaboration of numerous schools, partners and protagonists essential for a truly targeted and effective educational action.

Opera Pinocchio wants to be, therefore, a great portal for access to a macro training laboratory, all for the benefit of educational action.

And you school how can you become part of Opera Pinocchio? Here is the project designed just for you!

Opera Pinocchio for the school

The School participates in the project through the preparation of a choir (specially composed or already existing) that in the opera will sing the part of the “Marionette Choir” and the “Coro degli Asinelli”.

First step “at school”

  • preparation at school by internal teacher (pre-formed by the Academy) or external teacher sent by the Academy.
  • Singing (4 meetings of 1 hour each)
  • Preparation for the show (history, aesthetics of the Opera, narration of the phases that will bring the students to the live performance) DIDACTIC MATERIALS
  • Student booklet
  • Pantry teachers
  • audio CD for the study
  • choirs and musical bases
  • Some TOPICS in depth

Second step “at theatre”

  • Try with orchestra and conductor before the show
  • You go down from the boxes